Corporate Management

NG Cotton – President/ Owner

NG founded J. Irwin Company in 1999, bringing with him over 35 years of experience and expertise in the natural gas construction field. Known as an effective and dynamic leader, NG is a highly respected figure in the natural gas industry.

He has successfully lead a force responsible for installing hundreds of compressors for gathering systems, numerous processing plants as well as hundreds of miles of pipelines. NG has been highly involved in the development of gathering systems in the Barnett Shale, witnessing a dramatic step up from 100 mcf/d when construction began to processing over 900mcf/d of gas. During the early stages of J. Irwin Company, NG was critical in the development of XTO Energy’s gathering system in the Freestone area where H₂S gas was the main concern and saw an increase from 100mcf/d to 700mcf/d of gas flow.

NG has grown the business from 5 employees to over 300 employees during the company’s 10 year existence. He has also expanded operations that now include the Eagle Ford, Haynesville and Marcellus Shales.

Angela Schultz – Chief Executive Officer

Angela is one of the longest tenured employee’s at J. Irwin Company and is responsible for every aspect of the business. During Angela’s tenure as CEO she has been directly involved in the rapid expansion of J. Irwin Company. Under her leadership J. Irwin Company has grown to over 300 employees and continues to thrive in new regions like South Texas, Louisiana and West Virginia. Her dynamic leadership skills and attention to detail make her a very effective CEO. Angela’s guidance over the field and office has proven useful as the company continues to operate efficiently and effectively.