Field Management

H.W. Clark – Chief Operating Officer

H.W. ‘Bucky’ Clark has been instrumental to the success of J. Irwin Company, bringing over 30 years of experience in gas processing and pipelines. Throughout Bucky’s career in natural gas construction he has worked all over the United States building plants, stations and pipelines and brings that expertise in different regions to J. Irwin Company. Bucky was instrumental in building the 330mcf/d Teauge Plant in Freestone county for XTO Energy which contained a booster station, amine and glycol units as well a refrigeration unit to separate the ngl’s. Considered highly unique, the Teague plant contains a rare pacques unit which utilizes bio-technology to clean the tail gas of H₂S, producing byproducts of hydrogen and sulfur.

During his time managing the Freestone area Bucky excelled at providing high-quality results when deadlines were the key drivers. Bucky has proven to be a successful leader and now oversees operations in the Eagle Ford Shale and Freestone County areas, while also working alongside Mark Lunaas in the Haynseville Shale area.

Mark Lunaas – Regional Superintendent

Mark joined J. Irwin in 2002, having now been in natural gas construction business for 34 years, beginning his career as a welder and moving on to construction supervisor.

Career highlights include supervising the construction of the TRWD Compressor Station and Amine Plant, Cotton Cove Compressor and Amine Plant, West Walsh, Midpoint, Westlake, and numerous 120 million/per day compressor station sites. He is now an area supervisor over the Barnett Shale and Texas panhandle areas while also working alongside Bucky Clark in the Haynesville Shale.

Well respected throughout the industry and with an imaginative approach, Mark Lunaas brings a strong sense of purpose and a collaborative, team-oriented approach to every project. His dedication to safety guidelines and high degree of respect from employees, management & administration makes Mark a valued and critical asset to J. Irwin.


Field Superintendents

Michael Sunshine 
Cory Pearson
Ramon Montoya
Jaime Montoya
Fransisco Rivera